Shear Art Plus & Spa also carry two lines of products that are specifically chosen and highly recommended by the stylist Tracy Liang:

Noeviryour source for the most unique skincare, cosmetic and nutritional products on the market today! Formulated to the highest international standards, our natural-to-the-skin products are highly effective, yet gentle; and our lucrative business opportunity is simply unmatched.

Noevir is Japan’s premier skin care for 30 years. It is all natural to the skin, botanical and herbal based. 

Tokara Series include Screwpine fruit extract to help retain essential moisture, as well as new algae extracts, which help fight free radicals and protect against environmental damage. By combining the bounty of the sea with beneficial botanical extracts, these products are formulated to provide gentle cleansing—while restoring moisture—for clean, hydrated skin, scalp and hair. 

Tokara Series

Noevir’s high-quality Revitalizing Herbal Hair Tonic was developed to help condition and revitalize the scalp and encourage healthier, fuller-looking hair. Eleven herbal and botanical extracts were carefully formulated to create the optimum condition for hair revitalization. 

Hair Tonic

Noevir Hair Formula (NHF) Series were created to nourish and revitalize hair, while adding beautiful shine and luster. 

nhf series